UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019


Please confirm the following contents before inquiry.


I do not know the entry method
Since there is a button stating "ENTRY here" at the bottom of the entry summary screen, please enter from there.
I could not entry it within the period but can I entry
Exhibitor entries are requested within the reception period. Please acknowledge it beforehand because it will not be subject to the examination if the acceptance period has passed.
We are considering exhibiting at UNKNOWNASIA.Do I get anything?
Judges actived in asian countries and a reviewer who belongs galleries, publishing, fashion, advertising agencies, etc. see the artwork of everyone, and make opportunities such as exhibition invitations and corporate collaboration.
Also, the proximity of such companies and visitors is one of the attractions.
After the exhibition, there are also many people who were got the chance of UNKNOWN ASIA.
Please see the following page by means.
Exhibitor activity record

Exhibitor interview
When will you get a pass / fail notification?
We will review twice in March and May.
Those who passed the application will send by e-mail in March and May.
Please be sure to set up the mailer so that you can receive mail of desk@unknownasia.net.
I want to change the entry contents
I am very sorry, I can not change the contents once entered.
If you send erroneous information or images in the entry contents,
Please apply the entry from the entry form again.
Also, if you apply again,
Please contact us with the artist name and change details until desk@unknownasia.net.
I would like to apply a booth different from the booth I applied
We are sorry, based on information at apply We will review, so we can not accept changes to the booth at apply.
Example:: When you applied at the S1 booth,
Please select S1 booth when paying exhibition fee.
I passed the application. What should I do after that?
Those who passed the application will send guidance on payment method etc. of the exhibition fee by the notice e-mail, Please pay the exhibition fee within the time limit according to the procedure described.
If payment can not be confirmed within the period, Please note that exhibition qualification will be canceled.
How much freedom can you display in the booth?
Although you can decorate the inside of the booth and the side wall, you can't draw a picture directly on the wall,
We will prohibit such as deforming the shape of the wall.