Please confirm the following contents before inquiry.


I am still considering whether I should apply or not.
What kind of benefit could I have if I exhibited in UNKNOWN ASIA?
Not only Judges who work actively among Asian countries but also a wide variety of reviewers, including gallerists, publishers, fashion buyers, and advertising agencies, would offer exhibitors opportunities such as exhibitions or commission works.
These over 200 key persons in the creative industry, as such is our advantage since they would communicate positively with exhibiting artists and appreciate artworks carefully.
Many artists have started their career successfully after exhibiting in UNKNOWN ASIA.
How can I make entry to UNKNOWN ASIA?
Go on to the entry form by clicking the button in the bottom of the entry page and fill out the required information to apply.
What can I do at my exhibition booth?
You can use the space within three walls as you like as long as not protrude outside of the booth. You can nail or stick something as long as the walls can hold.
However, note you should be aware of not to stain or hurt the floor that belongs to the venue. Thus, any materials that may stain, including paints or spray or other, are not allowed to use.
How can I change my entry information?
You can not change your information after entry has completed.
If your information was wrong, please make entry again and tell your artist’s name to desk@unknownasia.net. We will delete your older entry.
Can I change the booth size I applied into other size after I pass the examination?
You can not change your booth size after you pass the examination since we decide the number of exhibitors based on your entry.
When will I get the result of the examination?
The Executive Committee will examine your entry from the middle of May to the middle of June. You will receive result mail during that term.
Please make sure your mailer can receive emails from desk@unknownasia.net
Can I apply after the application period?
Entries that made after the application period is closed are not be examined.
What should I do after I passed the examination?
You will receive information, including how to pay the exhibition fee, at the same time as result mail of passing the examination. Please proceed with your payment according to the guidance by the due date. Note your qualification will be expired if it can't be confirmed by the due date.