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Vinita Sethsoontree (Vinita Sethsoontree

  • Vinita Sethsoontree
  • Vinita Sethsoontree
  • Vinita Sethsoontree
Vinita Sethsoontreeは1986年タイ・バンコク生まれの現代美術作家である。彼の作品は全て自分自身の心の投影であり、彼の経験、トラウマ、心のゆがみを表している。彼の作品はシュルレアリズムで幻想的である。 Born in 1986, Bangkok. My works are all about communication from my inner soul, collectively came from personal experiences, trauma, and reality distortion. Surrealism, figurative, and fantasy arts are my favorite techniques that can portrait my unconscious imagination the best.
Career / Prize
Bachelor and Master degrees- Fine Arts
2007-New Mini Art Exhibition at Hof Art Gallery
2008-The 12th Art Thesis Exhibition at Central World, The 25th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists
2010-Happyness Art Exhibition at Chamchuri Art Gallery
2011-The 3 Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing at BACC