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Godkidlla Art Production

  • Godkidlla Art Production
  • Godkidlla Art Production
  • Godkidlla Art Production
Fang Yen Wen Recommendation.

A designer who lives on artistic power, had founded a magazine once, now is the owner of two independent bookstores, and the gun remodeling technician of a rock band, also known as an extreme adventurer when it comes to the manuscript, a man whose drafts and finished works are always completely different things.
Career / Prize
Born in 1981, he has had extensive experience in exhibitions of various scales since the university and personally planned curatorial work, and also cooperated with a number of publishing houses. The scope of works spans artistic creation, book cover, exhibition design, and visual recognition. Now he is in charge of the Godkidlla Art Production, working as a curator, artist, and designer.
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