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Chen Ying-Tzu (Hazen Chen) (Chen Ying-Tzu (Hazen Chen)

  • Chen Ying-Tzu (Hazen Chen)
  • Chen Ying-Tzu (Hazen Chen)
  • Chen Ying-Tzu (Hazen Chen)
Chen Ying-Tzuは1984年台湾生まれ銘伝大学グラフィックデザイン学部グラフィックマネージメント学科卒業。幼少期から絵画に親しみ、現在はアンティークの本や紙を用いたコラージュ作品を制作している。 Chen Ying-Tzu majored in graphic design and design management at Ming Chuan University. She lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where she works as an artist from her home studio. Chen has been interested in drawing since an early age, and then she works mainly in collage with a combination of paper, old photographs and drawings. Antique books, vintage ephemera and typography design are Chen’s main inspiratio
Career / Prize
Chen Ying Tzu was born in 1984

2008年 Notpaper Blog interview: Chen Ying Tzu
2009年 Handmade Graphics book interview (ISBN:978-2888930778)
2013年 Start over solo collage exhibition at FAVVI
2014年 Box installation joint exhibition at Artland bookstore
2014年 Tokyo ZINE’S FAIR joint exhibition
2014年 ZINE我的獨立出版 book interview (ISBN:9789865680053)