UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2015



Sirinuch Chunharas (Sirinuch Chunharas

  • Sirinuch Chunharas
  • Sirinuch Chunharas
  • Sirinuch Chunharas
Sirinuch Chunharasは1980年バンコク生まれの現代美術作家である。2010年から本格的に活動し、ドローイング、スケッチ、ペインティング、立体作品など多才な作品を発表している。 Born: Jul1980 / Bangkok
Start the art area from Y2010
Full-time office-lady as a Head of account dept.
Most of the time apart from work all distribute to various kinds of Art creature.
Love Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Sculpturing.
Always recording the daily-life lessons though art-diary with various types of artwork.
Love using mixed-media style in creating each artwork.
Career / Prize
Never attend any competition.
In Apr 2014, unintentionally set self-goal to create 500 pieces artwork for whole year and do complete the mission at the end of the year.
Planning to send these 500pieces project to the publisher for pocket-book published in the coming future.
Some artworks will be choose to present in the Open-house Exhibition for Art-Center of Alliance Francaise BKK in Sep 2015