UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019



Pik Gaandhanaapong

  • Pik Gaandhanaapong
  • Pik Gaandhanaapong
  • Pik Gaandhanaapong
Hello, i'm 34-year-old illustrator from Bangkok,Thailand. I love art and music. I draw almost everything in every day's life. My drawings are from things in front of me or around me, some are from things that come to my mind. I like to explore different things with my work, whether it's for fun or for communication. I try my best to make good art but I also appreciate accidental art too.
Career / Prize
Graduated from Bangkok University with B.A. in journalism in 2007 then went to Japan to study Japanese in 2010 and lived there for few years. Art has been my thing since childhood, it took me some time to rejoin with it. After few years of self-study, I had my solo exhibition “I’m crazy you say” in 2018. I also made zines and love to join art events in Bangkok and other cities.