UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019



Reizka Dwidianto

  • Reizka Dwidianto
  • Reizka Dwidianto
  • Reizka Dwidianto
Reizka Dwidianto was born on 14 February 1996 in Bandung, Indonesia. He is currently working for DotC United as Art Director and also working for National Book Committee and Naisu Studio as a freelance videographer and photographer. When he took an adventure to Japan in the early 2018, it made him realize that somehow being a small piece of the universe is one of his favorite parts.
Career / Prize
He was graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University majoring in International Relations focusing on media, diplomacy, and propaganda with Bachelor of Political Science. He received some achievements such as Outstanding Student Award, Photo Competition Winner (held by University of Indonesia), 1st Winner of Photography Category (provincial scale), and Guest Speaker at a Film Discussion.