UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019



Natasha Hakim

  • Natasha Hakim
  • Natasha Hakim
  • Natasha Hakim
Born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mostly concentrate her works in self-compassion.
In this work she shares about the struggle of a girl that feels disappearing and drowning to the bottom of her own thought. Only when she starts to focus on herself, she begins to bloom and see her own true self. But the irony is, people can only see what is on the surface without realising the struggle behind it.
Career / Prize
Natasha formerly worked as a graphic designer and drawing teacher. She began to focus on her arts since 2017. Nonetheless, she has taken part in a couple of group exhibitions in Indonesia as one of the exhibitors years before. She will be having her first solo exhibition in late 2019.