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I am Wang Chieh, an illustrator and concept artist based in Taiwan. I create art by using colorful and vibrant colors. Most of my works are created digitally.
My content has changed since the outbreak of COVID 19. Before the pandemic, I drew scenes around the world, mostly places that I have visited back in the days. After the outbreak, people are restricted from traveling, me included. I then focus on discovering the beauty of Taiwan. It turned out that I have so much beauty yet to discover from this land that raised me.

Additionally, I added a character named Zoe into each of my paintings. Zoe is a witch with her signature witch hat and a red ribbon tied at the back of the waist. I hope to spark the imagination of the viewers by adding a fantasized character into the seemingly mundane daily scenes of Taiwan.
Career / Prize
- BBA of National of Taiwan University, 2013-2018
- IESEG School of Management (Exchange), 2016-2017

Work Experience
- Exhibitionist at KHAM, 2018-2019
I curated the first-ever exhibition of ice cream in Taiwan.
- Visual Designer at Taiwan Mobile, 2020-now
I created visual designs for Riot games and I also draw illustrations for Riot games.
- Freelance for concept arts of Mobile Games, 2020
Cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality reasons.

- LetsCreate X TSUTAYA BOOKSTORE, 2020 Taipei City Illustration Brand Accelerator
Brand of Wangchieh_art is chosen to be cultivated by one of the Taiwan's biggest illustration agency, Lets Create.
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