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UUendy Lau is a designer-artist who creates projects that provoke alternative speculations on nature. The main theme of her work centres on ‘animals and nature’, a universal and inclusive subject permeating all cultures, languages, lifestyles and beliefs. Through a speculative lens of imagination and humanised envision, she conducts curious observations on our environmental interaction and redefine our connection with nature. The concept also communicates her design philosophy highlighting ‘engagement’ and ‘empowerment’ in daily moments, alongside re-examining the artistic and cultural significance carried in peculiar subjects from new perspectives. UUendy Lau creates design probes that spark discussions, embrace shared values and enhance social experience towards our insight into nature.
Career / Prize
Upon her graduation from Goldsmiths, University of London with a MA Design: Critical Practice, UUendy Lau has directed her creations towards making discursive enquiries into unfamiliar juxtapositions between the natural world and human-made inventions in the creative process of researching, designing and making. She has participated in many design events and exhibitions (e.g. speaking at TEDx, collaborating with both charity and commercial organisations such as Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Design Trust, HKWalls, Absolut Vodka, New Balance etc). She has also received artist grants on her overseas artist-residencies, including Northern Rivers Community Gallery (Australia, 2018), PARADISE AIR (Japan, 2018), Guandu International Nature Art Festival (Taiwan, 2017) and HK Brussels Design Exchange Programme (Belgium, 2013).