UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019


Read carefully the Exhibition Standards & Rules on this website and agree to it.
Submit three (3) work images on application.
*Please note that all submitted works are to be reviewed by The UNKNOWN ASIA Committee.
Only candidates who passed the review will be contacted by the Office.

Timeline in JST (Japan Standard Time)
*Every date & time is based on the JST. Please be aware the time difference between your country and Japan

Online application opens …
January 25, Friday, 0:00PM JST
Due date & time of the online application …
May 15, Wednesday, 11:59PM JST
** This year's entry has been closed.

Flow of exhibition

1.Application …
Application due date : May 15
Application due date of Early Entry Support Program : March 8
2.Review …
Late May
3.Information to canidates passed the review …
Late May
4.Payment for exhibition fee …
Payment information is to be announced to candidates directly
5.Confirmation to exhibit …
Candidates are introduced on the web site

Payment of Exhibition Fee

It is planned in late June. Candidates who passed the review will be contacted from the committee directly.
** If you do not pay the application fee within the designated period after passing through the application, the qualification for the exhibition will be canceled.


1.Standard Type

●[S1] for 1 booth


●[S2] for 2 booths


[S1]For 1 booth use

Exhibition Fee: 108,000 JPY (Japanese Yen)
Dimensions: D900 x W1,800 x H2,400mm (3 panels)

[S2]For 2 booths use

Exhibition Fee: 194,400 JPY
Dimensions: D900 x W3,600 x H2,400mm

2.Grand Type

Double depth than Standard Type. Ideal space for exhibitors who need more space to display.

●[G1] for 1 booth


●[G2] for 2 booths


[G1] for 1 booth

Exhibition Fee: 194,400 JPY
Dimensions: D1,800 x W1,800 x H2,400mm (3 panels)

[G2] for 2 booths

Exhibition Fee: 367,200 JPY
Dimensions: D1,800 x W3,600 x H2,400mm (3 panels)

3.Compact Type

Depth is 450mm only, a half size of Standard Type.

[CP]For 1 booths use


[CP]For 1 booths use

Exhibition fee: 75,600 JPY
Dimensions: D450 x W1,800 x H2,400mm (3 panels)
※ You can use side panels. However, exhibits must be installed within 450mm depth. No exceeding is allowed.

-Special Notice for Company Type-
※ Not applicable 2 booth use for Compact Type.
※ No 2 booths use. Only 1 booth is available.
※ Table cannot be installed.

Exhibitors feature (All both)

  • 10 free entrance tickets available between October 25th and 26th are provided.

Option ** Options are not eligible for early exclusive benefits.

  • ** We are planning options such as chair, table, light etc