December 4 , 2018

Fang Yen Wen
UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 Grand Prix
Born in 1994. Director & Founder of G.Gallery , UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 Grand Prize Winner. He has won many awards of photo fairs inside / outside Taiwan. Recently he contributes as a curator and producer for new generation photographers. Director and Curator of Wonder Foto Day.

December 3 , 2018

Lulu Kouno
UNKNOWN ASIA GrandPrix / The Ashitanoshikaku Prize / The Takeshi Ishikawa Prize / The Tatsuji Yoshida Prize / The Junko Sasanuki Prize / The Atsushi Ikeda Prize / The Taketoku Fuji Prize
I live in Nagoya. In 2015, I quit the company and go on a long trip.
I noticed that I spent most of my money in my account in Mexico I arrived after traveling a lot.
So instead of painting on the walls of the inn, we negotiate with the owner of the hotel to see if we can stay free.
As I finished drawing again I moved to the next inn, and while I was painting on various walls,
It is fun and it is fun and I want to make a painting work, I returned home about a year later.
Started writer activities from Spring 2016.

Most of the paintings are drawn without drafts, I think that it is good to see the person who is looking at it is bright.
The goal is to draw pictures in orphanages and disabled children facilities around the world and to have children who are there to be pleased.

December 2 , 2018

Kendra Ahimsa
The Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil Priz
Ardneks is the pseudonym of Kendra Ahimsa, a Jakarta-based artist whose psychedelic visual style recreates a curious world of bright bold colors, pop culture, intergalactic deities, and dreamy tropicália. Originally a graphic designer by training, Ardneks produces album artwork, band posters, film posters, t-shirts, and illustrations for likeminded collaborators.