Kendra Ahimsa

Kendra Ahimsa
The Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil Priz
Ardneks is the pseudonym of Kendra Ahimsa, a Jakarta-based artist whose psychedelic visual style recreates a curious world of bright bold colors, pop culture, intergalactic deities, and dreamy tropicália. Originally a graphic designer by training, Ardneks produces album artwork, band posters, film posters, t-shirts, and illustrations for likeminded collaborators.
--Please introduce yourself, the year you joined Unknown Asia and the award title you got.
Hello, my name is Kendra. I’m an illustrator. I participated UNKNOWN ASIA in 2016 and won the Grand Prix Award.
--What made you apply to UNKNOWN ASIA?
The reason I joined UNKNOWN ASIA, on the first place, is because the Japanese visual design has always been my compass ever since I was a kid, so when I heard the Japanese is opening the art event for all Asia, I cannot help but you know, I registered (smile).
--Tell us about yourself before & after UNKNOWN ASIA.
Before joining UNKNOWN ASIA, I was very shy about my work, and joining UNKNOWN ASIA it really opened up, realizing potentials that I have, so it really opened my eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities and I made new friends. It’s been great so far.
--Please introduce commission projects that you got after UNKNOWN ASIA.
The 1st project I got after UNKNOWN ASIA is the big, 6 x 6 meters billboard on the Dojima Cross Walk that is a business district center in Osaka. At that time, it was the biggest project I have ever done, so I was truly grateful for that, and it shows you how great the experience you get that kind of level, if you join UNKNOWN ASIA. The next year, I got another commission project by FM802 radio station to make a bigger mural like 12 meters artwork at the entrance to the radio DJ studios. And, also I got a good connection with Jam Factory that is a leading and the most powerful art & culture institude in Bangkok, and last month I was featured in this magazine, Jam Magazine that Jam Factory publishes. This poster is the center piece of the magazine. Yeah, it’s so…. (big smile)
--Message to artists who consider participation to UNKNOWN ASIA
For the young artists in Asia, I strongly recommend you to try and join UNKNOWN ASIA because it will not only you will make new artist friends all over the Asia but it will realize your potential, it will open up your opportunities, to exhibit your works to overseas, it’s going to do bring great things.