Fang Yen Wen

Fang Yen Wen
UNKNOWN ASIA 2015 Grand Prix
Born in 1994, Gamma Group founder,Some 21-year-old state-of-the-art young photographers,From a new generation of point of view captures the scenery of Taiwan, recording.
Igeiro director.
We were taken Taiwan of the old store, such as the one scene of the movieSeries has received high evaluation Also famous as photo director-editor FOIL Masakazu Takei Award simultaneous winning.
Please introduce yourself, the year you joined Unknown Asia and the award title you got.
I am Fan Yen-Wen, photographer in Taipei. I won the Grand prize of UNKNOWN ASIA 2015. Besides working as a photographer, I own 2 galleries in Taipei. I also am a producer to create opportunities and to improve creative fields especially for young photographers.

What made you apply to UNKNOWN ASIA?
I visited the booth of DMOARTS at Young Art Taipei and happened to meet the art producer, Taniguchi san there. I showed him my photographs and he encouraged me to participate to UNKNOWN ASIA.
How was UNKNOWN ASIA for you?
It was full of enthusiastic and passionate art fair. Every artist came to Osaka from everywhere, exhibited works, did their own presentation to audiences and made unique network. I think it is very interesting art fair.

Your activity as a producer after UNKNOWN ASIA is remarkable. Do you feel something your change after UNKNOWN ASIA?
It was so good that I met unique and creative people from Osaka and Asian countries at UNKNOWN ASIA. We became friends. I did variety of collaboration projects with them after UNKNOWN ASIA.
You also a founder of WONDER FOTO DAY, very successful photo fair in Taipei. Please tell us about it.
This is the 3rd year of Wonder Foto Day. Every photographer has 120 x 120cm table to display their works. 4 days fair this year, more than 15,000 visitors came and we sold more than 5,200 admission tickets. And many UNKNOWN ASIA members from Asia came as participants and judges. I would like to link to Asia via “Photographs”.
Tell me about your next plan of WONDER FOTO DAY.
Photograph is one of art. But photographers of participants to UNKNOWN ASIA are still few among variety art genres. I believe Asian photographer have great potentials. Their power and energy are wonderful, and it is true that many art collectors from overseas come to WONDER FOTO DAY to buy photographs. I would like to take these photographers to UNKNOWN ASIA and to Asia.
Message to artists who consider participation to UNKNOWN ASIA
I go to UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 as a judge. I really encourage all of you who have confident with your works and who would like to try. I will find you to support by WONDER FOTO DAY as well.