UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2015


映像、パフォーマンス/music VDO , Short film , TVC

skanbombomb (skanbombomb

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Skanbombbombは1981年タイ北部チェンラーイ出身の映像パフォーマンス作家である。これまで数々の映像ディレクションを務め、テレビコマーシャルル、ミュージックビデオなどを手掛けた。その中でも1950年代のSF世界をモチーフに制作された”mars”というミュージックビデオは脚光を浴びた。 Born on May 21, 1981 in Chiang rai,Thailand.
Skan working as a film director for TV commercial, Music VDO, short film and poster designer.
He always design a new visual for his work ,In music video “mars” Skan created with a sense of 50’s sci-fi movies. And now Skan is attempt to writhing a feature film script.
Career / Prize
Born on May 21, 1981, in Chiang rai,Thailand.
Attended the fine and applied arts, Bangkok University.After graduated,Skan started a first career as a movie poster designer,In 2007 moved to Sydney ,Australia and attended the Sydney Film School.
end of 2009 Skan came back to Thailand and start work as a film director for TV commercial,music video,short film.