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The most advanced creative forefront in Asia gather together to Osaka!

  • "From Osaka to Asia, from Asia to Osaka"
    UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka, the most advanced Asian creative scene makes opportunities to Asian creators for their activities.
    UNKNOWN ASIA connects people between creators who can come across countries with their passionate & creative and audiences who expect such doers. 
    Here is the spirit of "ASIA IS ONE" that Tenshin Okakura declared in late 1920. 
    We welcome all unknown creators who gather this art fair with passion and dreams.

    Talk with top Asian creators and experience the purchase of your favorite work!

    UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2018, the unique art fair born in Osaka is held in September.
    More than 200 creators selected from 10 Asian countries will come.
    You can talk with creators directly and everybody can buy the art you like there.
    Your support is the future of creators.
    Designs, photographs, fashion, illustrations, performance....
    Let's experience the site of exciting exchanges by creators across genres and countries.

    You are the judge for the Audience Award!

    Let's cast one vote with your smartphone to the artist you were most interested in at the venue.
    Your vote will choose the "Audience Award".

  • September 21 , 2018

    UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 閉幕のご挨拶 /Dear all who supported and exhibitors to UNKNOWN ASIA 2018
    Dear all who supported and exhibitors to UNKNOWN ASIA 2018
  • September 21 , 2018

    UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2018 受賞発表/
  • September 11 , 2018

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    Regarding participation of the exhibitors due to the limited ability of KIX
    Due to the Typhoon hit to Osaka September 4, only limited part of Kansai International Airport is open.
    There is possibility of some foreign exhibitors cannot participate the event, in spite of UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee is trying to inform and support the artists.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee