Closing Remarks

"Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2023" has drawn to a successful close on Sunday, September 17.
The executive committee would like to thank all the participating artists and galleries, sponsors, judges, reviewers, visitors, and everyone who supported the fair.

UNKNOWN ASIA was launched in 2015 as an art fair focusing on Asian artists and this was its 9th year.
For the first time in four years, we were able to welcome the artists, galleries, and judges from domestic and international without travel restrictions, which led to "Reunion with Asia." With 144 participating artists and galleries, the art fair was more exciting than ever.
The number of visitors increased significantly compared to last year, with the attendance of a total of 13,111 visitors over the three days. The venue was lively among exhibitors and visitors who enjoyed communicating with diverse languages, and we feel that the three-day exhibition successfully showcased the potential of art.

A new story was born at this year's UNKNOWN ASIA.
The winner of the Grand Prix was a Malaysian artist, Marcos Kueh who had previously exhibited at UNKNOWN ASIA in 2017, and seven years later, he presented an even more powerful and impressive work.
His work is based on Malaysia's diverse racial, ethnic, religious, gender, and disparity backgrounds, expressed through textile techniques he has been working on in recent years. The theme of his work, which weaves together multiple layers, is linked to the diversity that UNKNOWN ASIA respects and the presentation was genuinely deserving of the Grand Prix. Congratulations!

UNKNOWN ASIA aims to broaden the scope of artists’ activities and provide a platform for value creation. We appreciate that the art fair is also made possible by the cooperation of many people, including participating artists and galleries, sponsors, supporting and cooperating organizations, judges, reviewers, and collectors. We hope that the wide range of support will continue and that the encounters at UNKNOWN ASIA will lead to collaborations and further expansion of the art wave in Asia.

Thank you for your continued support.
We open the door of Asia, again.

September 2023
UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee
Executive Producer Ryo Takahashi

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