UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee is pleased to present “UNKNOWN ASIA 2020,” the international art fair from Osaka, Japan.

UNKNOWN ASIA was born in 2015, as the closest art fair to artists.
In the 5th year 2019, 290 artists from 10 countries and regions such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia presented the cutting edge of Asia. Various opportunities have been provided to these exhibited artists by over 200 judges and reviewers, as well as approx 13,000 guests who visited.

UNKNOWN ASIA 2020, will be held in GRAN FRONT OSAKA, is now open for entries of artists and galleries who have the motivation, creation, and potential.
Why don’t you join the international art fair, where all categories of art such as fine art, illustrations, photography, graphic design, fashion, etc. will gather from over nations?
In the spirit of “ASIA IS ONE,” UNKNOWN ASIA welcome ambitious artists and galleries who are chasing dreams from the bottom of our heart.
Please do challenge your potential with UNKNOWN ASIA!
See you in Osaka, October!

We are currently looking for exhibitors!

We currently accept UNKNOWN ASIA 2020 exhibitor entry.
Reception deadline: Wednesday May 15, 2019 until 23:59
For details on the entry method, please confirm from the entry summary page of the exhibition.

Early entry 10% discount
Exhibition fees will be discounted in the order of application for those who the Executive Committee finds particularly eligible out from passed artisits from the examination of UNKNOWN ASIA 2020.
The Executive Committee will send notifications for who applies for this discount upon the examination pass.