[Kiyo bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2020] Current situation and future

Dear artists, galleries, judges, and reviewers

As of March 31st, UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee is preparing for “Kiyo bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2020” that to be held in October.

However, we are not able to prospect how or when the coronavirus pandemic the world is facing will returns to normal.
Under this situation, the Executive Committee intends to grasp the ever-changing information accurately and make optimal decisions.

As for the future direction, the spread of infection may converge, and the event may be possible to hold as initially planned. On the other hand, we are also anticipating the possibilities the situation does not improve, so we may have to postpone or cancel the fair.
Although we still have six months, we assume that the situation is unpredictable, think ahead of all the possibilities, and prepare for them. We promise that we announce as soon as any decisions have made. We state that we consider measures to protect the artists’ and galleries’ interests, including refunding the total exhibition fee, if the art fair has to be proposed or canceled eventually.

Now that the world is in crisis, we Asian based fellows will gather our intelligence and efforts, and think and act to tribute Asian artists and art scenes.

It is time to stay at home and charge energy. There must be much more the arts can do.
Asia is one, so hearts will be. Let’s get over together.

March 31st, 2020
UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee
Ryo Takahashi

We are currently looking for exhibitors!

We currently accept Kiyo bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2020 exhibitor entry.
Reception deadline: Monday, June 8th, 23:59JST
For details on the entry method, please confirm from the entry summary page of the exhibition.

Early entry 10% discount
Exhibition fees will be discounted in the order of application for those who the Executive Committee finds particularly eligible out from passed artisits from the examination of Kiyo bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2020 .
The Executive Committee will send notifications for who applies for this discount upon the examination pass.