Please confirm the following contents before inquiry.


Does it mean that you can exhibit if it passes the screening?
At the stage of passing the screening after entry, the exhibit has not been finalized yet. By completing the payment within the period stated in the notification email of the examination pass Please note that you can get an exhibition qualification.
I was not able to apply for booth options within the period, can you exhibit?
If you can not apply / settle within the period stated in the notification pass email,We can not exhibit at any time.
Can I use anything other than credit card payment?
Application for the booth option is limited to credit card payment only.If you can not use your credit card for any reason,Please contact the UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee in advance.Please note that we can not respond even if we contact you on the day of the application deadline.
How long do you want to make an announcement?
The exhibition notice will be posted on the official website on July 12 with a list of exhibitors.After publishing, you can notify on each SNS etc.
Can I distribute my artworks instead of hand-carry? Do you have designated date and place of delivery?
You can send your artworks. We have designated date and place of delivery and it will be informed when all participants are fixed. You have to mention the date on the shipping label.
Can I use the corridor between booths as a storage of my belongings?
No, it is prohibited. Corridor must be vacant. Any presentation, storage of belongings and performance must be done within your booth.
Is there a storage room of packaging stuff?
Yes, we prepare for the storage place at the backyard. Follow the instruction to place things. Any rubbish must be taken away by yourself.
I use the booth with walls. Can I use nails and pins?
Yes, you can use them but please be careful when you fix them because other exhibitor displays at the other side of your wall side. Drawing or painting directly to the wall as an artwork is not allowed but you can write a little texts or illustrations. Booth panels are to be end up in the garbage so you cannot remain it.
How do you manage our artworks at site?
The committee does not have any responsibility including damage, stolen and other things on your artwork for the show. Please manage all things by yourself especially if you distribute one day before the show. We highly recommend not to leave high-ticket and precious items at the site. We will inform the installation schedule later.
Do participants have to stay at the booth all the time during the show?
No, you don’t have to. But the committee does not manage your artwork, so please manage all the things including security matters by yourself. We recommend you to stay so that you can communicate with customers and reviewers.
Can I display more than 2 artworks in one booth?
You can display as many as the space allows.
Please advise the height limit when setting up.
The booth size is 1800mm x 900mm x 2400mm height. Please do not exceed this height.When you setting up, please disassemble and put them together.
Can I return chairs I ordered in advance when it is not necessary?
Yes, you can cancel it during setting up before the show.
Can somebody help me when installing artworks at the booth?
No. Please install all by yourself.
Can I show my name in alphabet only?
Can I bring spotlights by myself?
Yes but it should be within the electrical capacity we prepare. We do not prepare the power supply, please place order on the equipment request site.
Where is the power source located inside the booth?
It’s installed at right or left side of the bottom part near the entrance.
Can I bring extension of electric cord and power strip by myself?
Yes. But please be aware the electrical capacity. Usage of electric screwdriver is not allowed because of a fear of fire etc.
Can I bring a table by myself?
Within the capable size for the booth, Yes.
Can I hire somebody to help my installation when setting up?
Yes. Please inform us numbers of people you will be with in advance.
Is it possible to set the ceiling to the booth for display?
Yes. It requires additional cost, so please ask us in advance.
Are interpreters available during the show?
Yes. We will hire interpreters in English and Chinese for communication of foreign artists.
Are there events or forum that will be held during the show? Are there precise pictures of booth that we can see?
Yes, events plan will be updated on the website. For booth pictures, please see archives on the website.
Please advise specification of booth wall precisely.
The backdrop is made up of plywood with coated paper and the color is in white. White is the standard color. It can be changed in black with additional cost. The thickness of plywood is 2.5mm. 25mm x 25mm of rear sash bars are installed in 60cm pitch, therefore overall thickness of the backdrop wall is approximately 30mm.
Can we eat and drink at the booth?
No, it is not allowed.
How can I manage the copyright and the portrait right if I use those for my artwork such as collages and films?
The committee does not involve to any rights matters of participants’ performance. So, please manage it by yourself. We may ask you not to show if it is apparently “violation of the rights”.
Is there any safeguard or indemnity to my artwork if it is damaged or stolen during the show?
No. The committee does not have any responsibility on any of those damage, stolen and troubles including the sales troubles. Please manage and control by yourself.

General questions

What measurement the table is?
Wide:900mm Depth:600mm Heights:700mm
Can I have extra flyers?
No, we don’t prepare extra flyers.
What is the difference between ID and booth No.?
The ID is the number you got when you made the application. Booth No. is to define where your booth is precise.

Regarding exhibition

Can I borrow a stepladder? If I have to bring it by myself, can I store it during the event?
No, we don’t lend any pieces of equipment to install. You can store your materials with your packages.
Can I retouch the exhibition during the event in the present?
No, you can’t do remove or retouch the exhibition since it may cause injury of the guests or make noise that may bother others.
According to the guideline, paints or splay liqueurs are not allowed. Can I use pens in the booth?
It’s not allowed to use anything it might stain the equipment of the venue. If you make a stain, we would claim the demand of the retouching.
I’m considering whether I should bring light. How bright will the site be?
There’s no problem with the brightness to proper exhibiting. Please consider it as the effect.
What is the floor material? Can I stick tape on it?
It is a carpet material. You can use tapes that can remove easily without hurt the media.
Can I use automatic drill to install?
Yes, you can.
Can I bring portable batteries?
No, it is not allowed by safety reason.
Can I put wallpapers?
Yes, you can as long as not hurt or stain the equipment. Regarding to the side between the next booth and yours, please ask the Executive Committee to negotiate.
Where will the power plug I have registered?
It will be on the floor, where we can’t tell the exact place at this time.
Can I use the top of the booth panel to exhibit?
Yes you can, as long as it won’t go over your booth. However you have to be aware there might be running some light or power cables on the top, not to hurt it.
According to the guideline, it says the maximum size to bring in is 1.5m. Can I exhibit like 2m height artworks?
Yes, you can exhibit one more than 1.5m height, that you can build and set inside of the booth. The maximum size to bring in is to provide safety during installing and removal.
If I put something small like vinyl sheets over the wall, should I remove all of them after the show?
Yes, you have to remove all the thing you put on such as nails or sheets since it might disturb the wall removal after you leave. However, you don’t have to keep clean the wallpaper.
What size are the panels showing the creator information? Where in the booth will it be placed?
For your reference, it was 210×297mm and on the right top of the right panel in the booth in the last year.

Regarding install and removal

Do I need to sign up for the vehicle if I take a taxi or hire a truck to bring in my package?
If you enter the venue with a vehicle, you need to sign up. If not, you don’t need it but be aware there is strict traffic control around the site.
Can I install on Thursday, October 24th?
No, you can’t step in the booth because it is still under construction on that day. You can only bring packages and left them.
Do you have a label for the delivery slip in return at the site?
Yes, we have ones only to send domestic packages.