Please confirm the following contents before inquiry.


What can I do in the booth?
This year we will have two booths, one at the actual venue and one online.
In the actual booth, the three walls and the space inside the walls can be freely arranged as long as they do not extend outside the booth. You can hammer nails or stick something on the walls as long as the walls are strong enough.
The floor is the equipment of the venue, so please be careful not to stain it. The use of art materials including paints and sprays that may stain the floor is prohibited in the booth.
Booths at the online venue allow you to post your profile and statement as well as multiple images of your work, allowing you to present your work borderlessly via the Internet. You can also use the chat function and video call function to communicate with the judges, reviewers, sponsors, and visitors, providing a smoother communication environment. Furthermore, you can also sell your works.
We hope that you will make the most of the booth as a space to express your work. Once you have decided to participate, please contact us with any questions you may have. The organizing staff will spare no effort to support you in bringing out the best in your work.
Can I change my entry details?
Once you have completed your entry, you cannot change it. However, in the unlikely event that the information is incorrect, if you wish to change it, please re-enter and notify us at desk@unknownasia.netまでエントリーし直したい旨 along with the name of the artist. The old data and information will be discarded and updated.
After passing the screening, can I change my booth to a different size than the one I applied for when I entered?
The number of exhibitors is determined based on the information provided at the time of entry. Booths cannot be changed after passing the screening.
Can I still enter after the application period has passed?
Entries received after the application period will not be considered. We are expecting some people to access the site just before the deadline. We recommend that you enter as soon as possible. It is possible to change your information by re-entering, so please enter as early as possible to avoid missing entries.
If I pass the screening, does that mean I've been selected to exhibit?
The exhibition will be confirmed when the payment of the exhibition fee is completed within the period indicated in the e-mail notification of acceptance. Please note that your participation is not yet confirmed when you have passed the screening. Please do not forget to complete the procedures within this period.
What should I do after I pass the screening?
You will be notified by e-mail that your application has passed the screening process, and you will also receive instructions on how to pay the exhibition fee.

Please follow the instructions and pay the exhibition fee by the deadline. If the payment is not confirmed within the deadline, the eligibility to exhibit will be cancelled.
Please advise specification of booth wall precisely.
The backdrop is made up of plywood with coated paper and the color is in white. White is the standard color. It can be changed in black with additional cost. The thickness of plywood is 2.5mm. 25mm x 25mm of rear sash bars are installed in 60cm pitch, therefore overall thickness of the backdrop wall is approximately 30mm.
I don't know how to make an entry.
Please proceed to the entry form at the bottom of the entry page and fill out the necessary information to apply.
What are the benefits of exhibiting at UNKNOWN ASIA?
In addition to the jurors who are active in various Asian countries, UNKNOWN ASIA has a wide variety of reviewers from galleries, publishing, fashion, advertising agencies, etc. who will offer exhibitions and commission work with companies. One of the appeals of the festival is the closeness to key people in the creative industries and visitors who actively communicate with the exhibiting artists after seeing their works. After exhibiting, there are many artists who have taken advantage of UNKNOWN ASIA to become active. The suggestions from the key people will be an opportunity for you to improve your skills.