紀陽銀行 presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2020

Event overview

October 16 (Friday) 15:00pm – 20:30pm VIP Preview(by invitation only)
October 26 (Saturday) 10:00am – 20:00pm
October 27 (Sunday) 10:00am – 18:00pm
** The holding time is as of February 10th.
Please understand that it may be changed due to the convenience of the venue etc.
GRAND FRONT OSAKA Knowledge Capital Congres Convention Center
3-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0011, Japan
UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee / digmeout / ASIAN CREATIVE NETWORK(ACN)

Artist Application Guidelines

In the spirit of "ASIA IS ONE," UNKNOWN ASIA aims to create value for art by providing artists with various opportunities. We are open for entries of artists who will share the story of "UNKNOWN ASIA" together in 2020. The UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee will strictly examine entries and select exhibitors that deserve for the art fair where Asia's cutting edge gathers, based on motivation, creation, and potential.

How to make entry
Access the entry form through the button at the bottom.
Upload 3 pictures of your artwork and fill out the form for entry.
Application period
Monday, February 10th, 12:00JST―Monday, June 8th, 23:59JST
Application period Monday, February 10th, 12:00JST―Monday, June 8th, 23:59JST
2.Examination term
Thursday, June 11th―Friday, July 17th
3.Result Notification
Applicants who passed the examination will receive result mails during the examination term.
Applicants who didn’t pass the examination will receive result mails on Friday, July 17th 16:00.
4.Exhibition fee payment
The exhibition fee payment term will be announced with result mail.
Your participation will be established after payment.
5.Exhibitors’ announcement
The exhibitors' announcement is on schedule to release on the official website in late July.
Exhibition fee

●Artist Single [AS]


●Artist Double [AD]


-Artist Single [AS]-

Exhibition fee: 110,000JPY
Booth size: D900×W1800×H2400 mm (inside dimension of 3 panels)

-Artist Double [AD]-

Exhibition fee: 209,000JPY
Booth size: D900×W3600×H2400 mm (inside dimension of 3 panels)

Early entry 10% discount
Exhibition fees will be discounted in the order of application for those who the Executive Committee finds particularly eligible out from passed artisits from the examination of UNKNOWN ASIA 2020.
The Executive Committee will send notifications for who applies for this discount upon the examination pass.
Benefits for exhibitors
10 invitation cards for 1 public day
Booth options
Some options are planning to be offered such as chairs, tables, and spotlights

UNKNOWN ASIA participation agreement

Please entry after reading and agreeing with the participation agreement.


Article 1 (Purpose)
These terms (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) set forth matters concerning booth setup at the event, UNKNOWN ASIA (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”), which will be hosted by the UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”).

Article 2 (Application)
Those who would like to set up a booth at the Event (hereinafter referred to as “Booth Applicants”) shall make application therefor in a predetermined manner, after agreeing to all these Terms.

The Committee will review each application and give notice of having successfully passed the review to successful Booth Applicants by email or other means.

Booth Applicants who have been given notice of having successfully passed the review shall pay a booth fee separately fixed by the Committee by the due date in a manner designated by the Committee.

The right to set up a booth will be finally granted to successful Booth Applicants at the time the Committee has confirmed the payment, and they will thereafter be treated as an exhibitor with a booth. If the payment cannot be confirmed by the designated due date, the fact that the Booth Applicant has successfully passed the review will be nullified.

A booth fee already paid will not be refunded for any reason.

The exhibitor with a booth may not, in whole or in part, transfer, lend, sell, purchase, change the name of the person entitled to, create a security interest in, or otherwise allow a third party to use for any purpose whatsoever, the right to set up a booth and receive incidental services (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Service”).

Article 3 (Operation, Implementation and Administration of Event)
After all exhibitors with a booth at the Event have been determined, booth positions will be determined by the Committee considering the content of displays, the shapes of booths, the layout of the venue and the like.

The exhibitor with a booth may not set up a display or make advertisement in a corridor, or outside the exhibition venue, or in other spaces than their space to set up the exhibitor’s booth.

The exhibitor with a booth shall take responsibility for theft, loss, or breakage of displayed items, materials, etc., or for a human-caused disaster or the like resulting from the use of the exhibition booth by the exhibitor, and the Committee shall take no responsibility therefor.

The exhibitor with a booth shall observe all rules and laws concerning fire protection, safety, and the use of the facility that are applicable to the venue for the Event, and shall follow the instructions of the Committee.

The exhibitor with a booth shall not commit an act of accusing, attacking, or interfering with a specific company, organization, individual, other exhibitors with a booth, or their displayed items, and shall not commit an act of setting up a display or other act that is likely to cause trouble with the maintenance of visitors’ safety and the order of the venue. If the Committee deems it appropriate to discontinue any display or act for the purpose of maintaining the order of the venue or the safety of visitors, etc., the exhibitor with a booth shall discontinue the display or act as required by the Committee.

Article 4 (Registered Information and Personal Information)
The Committee may use information that Booth Applicants have provided to the Committee at the time of application (hereinafter referred to as the “Registered Information”) for the following purposes.

(1) Operation, implementation, and administration of the Event and all work incident thereto
(2) Provision of information related to the services of the Committee and its member companies and organizations
(3) Provision of information related to goods, services, etc., of the sponsors or partners of the Event
(4) Questionnaire for the quality control of the Event and Service

The Committee will handle personal information contained in the Registered Information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan and relevant laws and regulations.

Article 5 (Intellectual Property Rights)
Unless the exhibitor with a booth creates texts, images, programs and other data and the like that constitute the Event and/or Service, and holds copyright or other rights in and to the same, or unless right holders have given necessary consent, all rights (including ownership, intellectual property rights, portrait rights, and publicity rights) in and to the same will belong to the Committee or the third parties that have any such rights.

The Committee will take no responsibility for imitation or other trouble arising from setting up a display at the Event in relation to copyright or other rights held by the exhibitor with a booth.

Article 6 (Suspension or Discontinuance of Event)
Upon the occurrence of one of the following circumstances, the Committee may, in whole or in part, suspend or discontinue the Event, and shall take no responsibility for damage that may be caused by such circumstance and suffered by Booth Applicants, exhibitors with a booth or third parties:

(1) Where the operation of the Event or the provision of the Service becomes significantly difficult due to an act of God, war, riot, civil commotion or other force majeure;
(2) Where the operation of the Event or the provision of the Service is impossible due to measures taken under statute, law, regulation, etc.;
(3) Where the Committee otherwise judges that it is unavoidable to do so.

If the operation or provision of the Service is suspended pursuant to one of the items of the preceding paragraph, in principle, the Committee shall give notice to that effect in advance by posting it on the website of the Event, or by email or other means.

Article 7 (Amendment to Terms)
The Committee may amend the Terms at any time.

The amendment under the preceding paragraph shall take effect upon posting the amended terms on the website of the Event.

Article 8 (Governing Law, Competent Court)
The Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Furthermore, the Terms shall be interpreted using the Japanese language, and the effects of the Terms will in no way be affected by translation into any language other than Japanese.

If questions and problems arise in connection with the Terms, Event or Service shall settle these questions and problems through consultation in good faith on a case-by-case basis.

The Osaka District Court shall be the court of first instance having agreed to exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes related to the Terms, Event, or Service.

Established on February 10, 2020


The entry reception has been closed since Monday, June 8th, 23:59JST