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  • Blonde violinist NAOTO 1/30 release of ninth album!


Blonde violinist NAOTO 1/30 release of ninth album!

NEWS January 15 , 2019

NAOTO's 9th Album "Polyvalent" is also contains the theme song of UNKNOWN / ASIA

NAOTO who made the main theme song of UNKNOWN ASIA 2018 and performed live on the exhibition day will release the 9th Album “Polyvalent”.
The Album also contains the main theme song of the latest stage “PARAMUSHIR” of TEAM NACS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CGGjz_O4oY). This is unpublished full-version.

The Album artwork was painted by YOHEYY who is the up-and-coming illustrator.

And also, he will hold on the tour in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

NAOTO Official Site (http://www.naoto-poper.com/)
<9th Album "Polyvalent" overview>
* TEAM NACS 16th Performance "PARAMUSHIR ~ Hold the Flag of Daito Keeping Believing" Main Theme Song
Song of Horonukijima feat. Nobuyuki Kiyotsuka
* TEAM NACS 16th Performance "PARAMUSHIR ~ Hold up the Flag of a Soul of Believing That You Believed" Songs in the Drama
* TM NETWORK Violin multiple recording cover
Sunny Side Love
* Yuzuki Rei sound solo concert "REON JACK 3" Offer songs
Precious Day
* TV New Hiroshima "Hiroshima Full-Scale Mama !!" Opening Theme
Make a Change
* FM Saga opening 25th anniversary commemoration "CHANGE" program theme song
* "UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2018" theme song
State of the Art
* "Wako Rare To Load Project" TV commercial song

Total of 12 songs scheduled to be recorded

[Release date] January 30, 2019 (Wednesday)
[Label] Spice Up Records
[Part No.] SURE-0028
[Tax included price] 3,240 yen (excluding tax: 3,000 yen)

"NAOTO LIVE TOUR 2019" Polyvalent "One Man Live Tour

< Nagoya Performance >
March 8, 2019 (Fri) @ Aichi: Nagoya Club Quattro
[Opening / opening] 18: 30/19: 00
[Inquiries] Sunday Folk Promotion TEL: 052-320-9100

< Osaka Performance >
March 9, 2019 (Sat) @ Osaka: Umeda Club Quattro
[Opening / opening] 15: 30/16: 00
[Inquiries] Kyodo Information TEL: 0570-200-888

< Tokyo Performance >
March 30, 2019 (Sat) @ Tokyo: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
[Opening / opening] 17: 15/18: 00
[Inquiries] Kyodo Tokyo TEL: 0570-550-799

Cast: NAOTO (Violin), Keiji Matsumoto (Keyboard), Naoto Suzuki (Guitar), Ryosuke Family (Bass), Fumihiro Ibuki (Drums)

Advance: All seats specified \ 7,000 (tax included, 1 drink separately) * Not for pre-school children
Memorial tickets (not for sale goods & live CD included): \ 10,000
* Epuace limited edition, limited quantity.

General release: November 17, 2018 (Saturday)