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Announcement of guest creators from Indonesia!

CREATOR April 5 , 2019

Unknown Asia 2019 Portfolio Review at Jakarta was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 17th. We would like to let you know that the guest creators have been decided.

インドネシア・ゲストクリエイターの発表!/Announcement of guest creators from Indonesia!
The venue for this year was again Dia.Lo.Gue, an art space in Indonesia managed by the judge Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil. Over 100 Indonesian artists applied to participate in the Portfolio Review and we chose 25 people from among them to review. This year we also had applicants from Singapore and Vietnam, making us feel once again how amazing a force Mr. Hermawan and Dia.Lo.Gue is.

We noticed that there was a trend of many young photographers among the attendees, perhaps because Unknown Asia's main visuals are by Indonesian photographer Adi Ptra or because of the influence of Indonesian photographers who are actively involved in Unknown Asia. Still, you could feel the excitement from the lineup of Indonesian art and the thick creative scene.

Mr. Hermawan, Taniguchi from the executive committee, and Shono chose the following three people as guest artists!

We would like to thank Mr. Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil for organizing and judging this year’s Portfolio Review, as well as the coordinator, Ms. Yoko Yamada, and everyone in Indonesia!