DELTA Exhibition

NEWS June 4 , 2021

DELTA Exhibition/DELTA Exhibition


The art fair that we held at both spaces at TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY last year called “DELTA Experiment”.
Aiming to make a new “place” for connecting the gallery, artists, and collectors with a different point of view from the art fairs that already exists, started this experiment with seven galleries from three cities in Japan(Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) that are promoting radical exhibitions and artists.
Named “DELTA Exhibition” this time and selected artists severely from the galleries that participated at the first time and we will introduce these artists and galleries in an exhibition shape.
We introduce works by the 8 artists, Saki Matsumura(DMOARTS / Osaka), Keisuke Katsuki(EUKARYOTE / Tokyo), Toshiaki Hicosaka(FINCH ARTS / Kyoto), yang02(FL田SH / Tokyo), Solaya Nagai(HARMAS GALLERY / Tokyo), Mitsuo Kim, Yukino Miyata(LEESAYA / Tokyo), and Yoshiyuki Ooe(TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY, Osaka).
Please take this opportunity to see these works.
DELTA Executive Committee Shinpei Okada / Ryo Takahashi