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  • Pre-Entry for "UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" Now Open


Pre-Entry for "UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" Now Open

NEWS May 30 , 2024

Free registration, exhibitor fee discounts and support!

Pre-Entry for "UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" is now open!

If you register in advance, you will be able to receive information about the leading event and an early bird discount on the exhibition fee.
If you are an artist or gallery planning to exhibit at "UNKNOWN ASIA", or even considering it, we encourage you to register as soon as possible.

▼To register, please visit the URL below.▼

"UNKNOWN ASIA 2024 Pre-Entry Form"
Acceptance period: May 30, 2024 [Thu]15:00 - July 7, 2024 [Sun] 23:59

*Please refer to the Application Guide for detailed information on booth fees, etc.

*Please note that the pre-entry form differs from the official application for main entry into the exhibition.
No exhibition fee will be charged at this stage.

For exhibitors, it's crucial to apply separately from the official website during the specified period [July 8, 2024 (Mon.) noon - August 18, 2024 (Sun.) 23:59]. Once your application has been reviewed and selected, you will receive an early bird discount on the exhibition fee.


An international art fair, warmly welcomes and values the diverse community of artists and art enthusiasts it attracts!
We provide generous support and aim to be the art fair closest to the artists.

☑ The fair will be held at the easily accessible "Umeda South Hall", just a short distance from Osaka and Umeda Stations, offering a stunning view of the city.
☑ Numerous sponsors offer collaborative projects.
☑ More than 200 judges and reviewers participated.
 Many new judges will participate again this year, offering new encounters and opportunities.
☑ Scouting for art projects and exhibitions.
☑ No commissions or other payments to the fair for the sale of artwork.