UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2017



ジラーユ・クー (Jirayu Koo

  • ジラーユ・クー
  • ジラーユ・クー
  • ジラーユ・クー
Jirayu Koo is a Bangkok based Visual Artist with a background in Graphic Design. With passion for sincere and straightforwardness of geometric and graphic elements, Jira has created her own unique style from mixing simple shapes together with creative thoughts and playfulness mind with dynamic composition. Jira's latest projects included working with Apple Music, Beams, Moleskine, Tokyobike, etc.
Career / Prize
Jira completed her BA in Communication Arts and Design from KMITL and University of the Arts London. Jira participated in several group shows such as Perrier the Poster, Shibukaru Mutsuri, Secret 7" and had her 1st solo STONE - PAPER - SCISSORS in 2014. In the same year, Jira won bronze award from Graniph t-shirt design. International clients included The New York Time, Wallpaper*, Honda, Perrier.
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