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watchara chalermchon

  • watchara chalermchon
  • watchara chalermchon
  • watchara chalermchon
I was born September 7, 1976 in Thailand, I graduated with a bachelor degree in civil engineering. And achieved a Master degree In the field of art history From Silpakorn University . I have an interest in art history,philosophy, religion, architecture, ancient art, art exhibitions And cultural travel and I try to convey. Different views to reflect my perspective. Member of The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand (RPST)
Member of Bangkok Photographic Society of Thailand (BPST)
2017, Master degree of Histoire de l’art at Silpakorn University
Career / Prize
2010, Associate class honour of The Bangkok Photographic Society (Pictorial)
Present, Head Photographer, Creative and Visual Art Manager at IMPACT Exhibition And Convention Center, Thailand
And now works as an artist alongside with other related fields such as art history research and documentary photography field.
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