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Hanna Kaszewska

  • Hanna Kaszewska
  • Hanna Kaszewska
  • Hanna Kaszewska
Hanna Kaszewska is an interdisciplinary artist and illustrator of Polish origin.

She views the creative process as exploration and an attempt at understanding the world around her. She is against putting constraints on art and feels it should be able to fuse freely with other areas of life.
She holds to the idea that less is more and has a strong inkling for minimalist aesthetics.

The mix of broad interests and sheer necessity led Hanna to work with different media and take on different roles within the cultural sector.

In recent months, Hanna started to work more with words. In April 2021 she has self-published illustrated, bilingual (English-Japanese) book titled "The Permanent Resident / 永住者".

Career / Prize
Selected events
2021.3 Artist in Aso. First International Conference, online
2020.12 Unknown Asia Online, art fair
2020.12 In Out International Film Festival, Center for Contemporary Art Łaźnia, Gdańsk, Poland (online discussion panel)
2020.2 the Safe Place, Rotational Cultural Center, Warsaw, Poland (solo exhibition)
2020.1 Prelude to the Safe Place, Spectra Art Space run by Starak Family Foundation, Warsaw, Poland (site-specific installation/solo exhibition)
2019.10 Caldera, Gallery Takechi, Kumamoto, Japan
2019.3 Queen of Bees, Kronika Center of Modern Art, Bytom, Poland
2019.9 The end of Escitalopram, Duży Pokój, Warsaw, Poland (performance)
2018.6 Survival Festival. Capital, Wallenberg-Pachaly Palace, Wroclaw, Poland
2018.4 Foreign Body, Szara Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2018.4 BEDEN, RUH, ISYAN / Body, Spirit, Revolt, Gama Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2017.12 Stettin’s Avant-Garde, Stettin’s National Museum, Stettin, Poland
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