UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019

OUTLINE at 2019

UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019

From Osaka to Asia, from Asia to Osaka.
A new kind of art fair was held to bring together the next generation of creators.

Director:Akio Takimoto(ART Lab OMM/JAMWORKS)
Camera: Ondo Corporation/JAMWORKS
Sound:Ryo Tsuruharatani


2019.10.25[fri] 15:00-20:30 VIP PREVIEW (For related parties and invitees only)
2019.10.26[sat] 10:00 - 20:00
2019.10.27[sun] 9:30~17:30(entrance deadline 16:30


Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital Congressional Convention Center / B2F, Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Ohshuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011, Japan

  • The winner of 2019 is decided!
    • Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2019, the winners of each prize will be decided on Saturday, October 26! Click here for the list of award winners.
    • AWARD

  • Exhibitor list for FY 2019
    • We are pleased to announce that 290 artists selected from a large number of applications for 2019 were able to participate. Thank you all for your participation.

  • Review for Exhibitors
    • This is UNKNOWN ASIA COMITTEE Taniguchi. UNKNOWN ASIA, in its 5th year, was held on a record scale, with 290 participating creators and 12,928 visitors. Thank you to everyone who participated, judged, and visited this year's event. Now, we will do it again this year. All of you will be reviewed. I, Taniguchi, will be visiting all the booths during the exhibition period to meet the artists (almost all of them), see the exhibits, look at the booths, and give a straight review of my impressions. A total of 290 booths.
    • REVIEW