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Born 1989, Bangkok based, Thailand.

Through my experiences in life, I have discovered a fact that life is a mixture of good and bad moments. These moments define who we are as a person.
The characteristic of my artwork, the eyes, is inspired by this very idea of good and bad moments. On one side, the eye is wide and rounded, representing moments in life that are carefree or untroubled. On the other side, the eye is drawn as an X, representing tough and bruised moments, similarly to the way the eyes are drawn in many cartoons when a character is knocked out or dead.

My artwork uses a vibrant set of colors with simple elements to develop a fun and entertaining mood and tone, representing the artist’s personality. Each piece is a metaphor of events from my personal experience, and how I perceive the world.

Lastly, I hope that my works will somehow influence the world into a positive direction as I personally believe that creativity + fun can make the world a better place.
Career / Prize
Vacharapong Buranakitjaroen (Vachboy)

Born 1989
Bachelor Degree: Faculty of Fine art Silpakorn University.
Master Degree: Faculty of Digital Art, Rangsit University.
Bangkok based, Thailand.

Artist career
2022 - Bangkok Illustration Fair, Bangkok, Thailand
2023 - Group Exhibition, Payaq Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2022 - 4 awards from Bangkok Illustration Fair, Bangkok , Thailand

Special projects
2022 - SK SNEAKER collaboration
2022 - Live Specialty coffee collaboration
2023 - Vinyl record store day

2023 - work shop exhibition, Glow fish office, Bangkok, Thailand
2023 - solo exhibition, Red Cose, Bangkok, Thailand
2023 - Vinyl Art Toy, wee toys gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

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