[OS-01] Bez Chaisuwan

  • Bez Chaisuwan
  • Bez Chaisuwan
  • Bez Chaisuwan
Bez Chaisuwan,9th November 1985 born and raised in Bangkok. The wandering illustrator who travel across different mediums from textiles to silver sterling in finding the way to tell the stories.

Graduated from Architecture, master in Marketing then with all that degrees he just open the secluded cafe in Bangkok. Living the wanderlust life and fall in love with literatures,the unknown myths and the charm of mysteries. Nowadays he still do nothing significant- just make coffee, get lost in travelling, craft things and make life worth living.

Career / Prize
born 9th November 1985
Industrial Design(Graphic) Faculty of Architecture, Chula
published 3 unknown illustration and journey books in 2011-2012, abook publishing.
art director, asst art in some unknown concerts and unknown theatre plays.
make trivia graphic jobs for cafe and restaurants and open his cafe,Blackforest in 2016

selected artist in BKKIF2021