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Ryan and Garovs Vergara, the creative duo behind Everywhere We
Shoot (EWS), a Manila-based photography and graphic design
studio. They are typically known for imagery that often features
seemingly spontaneous, playful humor across genres of pop culture,
mostly in fashion, design, and art. Their entire body of work is very
personal to them as their life–just as “everywhere” in their name is
intended as “everywhere they've been” rather than “having been

After nearly two decades, they continue to explore boundaries of
visual art. Their works extend across multimedia forms through
independent and commissioned photo, video, and design projects,
editorial, brand campaigns, advertising projects, and exhibitions local and abroad.
Career / Prize
Locally, their first exhibit started with a self-titled show featuring their
earliest works in Ayala Museum (Makati). It was followed by “Foods” in
Pablo Gallery (Taguig), a show depicting domestication as newlyweds;
“Foods: Panic Buying!” in West Gallery (Quezon City) was a follow-up
to the previous series and was inspired by their new shopping habits
as a married couple; “I Just Like to Look at Pictures, Pictures” in Vinyl

on Vinyl Gallery (Makati) featured an assembly of sixth 1x1 portraits
similar to shopping mall photo ID services.
Abroad, they were invited to participate in Unknown Asia Art
Exchange in Osaka, Japan. The pair introduced the “Welcome Home”
series, which garnered awards and recognition, paving the way for a
T-shirt collaboration with BEAMS Tokyo and a solo exhibition in Cohju
Contemporary Art in Kyoto the following year. The show was a finalist
in Kyotographie KG+ Photography Festival and was included in Art16
in London, UK.
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