Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2021, an international art fair that recognizes the diversity of artists and expands the possibilities of creativity.
This year's fair, the seventh of its kind, will be held as a hybrid art fair for three days from October 15 (Fri.) to 17 (Sun.) at the Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital Congressional Convention Center and online from October 9 (Sat.) to 10 (Sun.). This is a hybrid art fair.

Since its inception in 2015, UNKNOWN ASIA has been bringing together cutting-edge artists from Japan and other Asian countries in Osaka, fostering communication with jurors, reviewers, and customers while continuing to create a new creative scene. Since its inception, the event has gradually expanded its activities, and in 2019, a total of 290 artists from 10 countries and regions, including Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, will exhibit at the event, the largest scale ever. Last year, we also took on the challenge of holding the fair online, exploring the possibilities of the next generation of art fairs by exploring ways to interact with artists and express ourselves through the screen.

The passion of the artists at the real venue and the communication that transcends place and time at the online venue.
The key point of this year's UNKNOWN ASIA is that it is a hybrid art fair.
At the real venue in Osaka, you can talk directly with the artists and take your time to appreciate every detail of their works.
At the online venue, where artists from Japan and abroad will be exhibiting, you can enjoy easy access to communicate with the artists from your smartphone or computer.

Interact with the artists and purchase the exhibited works.
One of the charms of UNKNOWN ASIA is that you can interact directly with the exhibiting artists, experience the forefront of Asian creativity, and nurture connections.
If you like the work, you can purchase it, and you can support the artists with your vote in the "Audience Award".

Multiple collaborations with judges, reviewers and companies.
About 200 jurors and reviewers have been invited to the festival, and the sponsors will offer opportunities to collaborate with the artists as extra prizes. In addition, in cooperation with mutually cooperating organizations and media partners, we are expanding the opportunities for artists to present their works.

New gallery booths to support artists' activities.
Gallery booths have been established to provide a venue for gallery presentations.
Art galleries are essential for artists to be active on a larger stage, and presentations by galleries and artists associated with UNKNOWN ASIA are a must-see.

"From Osaka to Asia, from Asia to Osaka".
From Osaka to Asia, from Asia to Osaka." Please feel the ever-changing art scene in Asia at UNKNOWN ASIA.

Advance ticket sales start on Friday, August 27.
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