Kiyo bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2024

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The UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee is pleased to announce that "Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" (UNKNOWN ASIA) will be held from Friday, December 6 to Sunday, December 8, 2024 [Preview Day: Friday, December 6] at "UMEDA SOUTH HALL", Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South 11F.
UNKNOWN ASIA is an international artist-led fair where artists from Japan and other Asian countries gather in Osaka. Launched in 2015, 1,497 artists have participated to date, and 13,111 people visited the fair over three days in 2023, making it increasingly recognized as one of the largest-scale fairs in western Japan.
UNKNOWN ASIA provides diverse matching opportunities and supports artists' sustainable activities. One of the most significant aspects of the fair is the transformative encounters among artists, galleries, collectors, companies, and art lovers. More than 200 judges and reviewers, whose names are drawn from gallerists and creative fields in various countries, are invited to participate. The judges and reviewers will judge from their perspectives at the preview and select the artists they wish to support. In addition, many collectors and visitors come to the exhibition, and the artists showcase their works directly to them, which often leads to the collection of many works each year. Many artists have used the platform of UNKNOWN ASIA to make significant strides in their careers, and are now active in exhibitions at galleries and art fairs in Japan and abroad.

Fostering Asia's Creative Bonds

This year marks a milestone for us as we celebrate our 10th anniversary.
The executive committee is grateful for the many people who have supported us and will continue to encourage us in the future. This milestone year will be an opportunity to further nurture these bonds with artists, galleries, collectors, companies, and art lovers. These bonds will lead to future activities for everyone and create opportunities to move on to the next stage.
The fair will be held at the new location, " UMEDA SOUTH HALL", Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South 11F, easily accessible from each station in the " Umeda area" in Osaka.
While honoring the conventional artist-led fair, we also plan to introduce a variety of Asian culture, such as Asian food, music, etc., so visitors can experience and enjoy them in the new venue.
The art fair will bring together the latest cutting-edge art of Asian art, illustration, design, photography, and other fields that transcend national boundaries. We aim to create a unique art fair where a broad genre of Asian artists and galleries gather and nurture relationships through art. We hope to see you at UNKNOWN ASIA 2024, which embodies the art ecosystem of artists, galleries, sponsors, judges, reviewers, collectors, and art lovers.

May 2024
UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee


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