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  • "UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" Exhibition Entries Now Open!


"UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" Exhibition Entries Now Open!

NEWS July 8 , 2024

Applications for the exhibit have started today at noon!
Deadline: Sun. August 18, 23:59 (JST)

『紀陽銀行 presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2024』出展本エントリー受付開始/
-- Fostering Asia's Creative Bonds --

Unknown Asia is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.
We respect the diversity of each artist and develop a platform filled with more encounters and possibilities, valuing the creative bonds that have been nurtured in Asia over the years.
The art fair features the latest in Asian art, illustration, design, photography, etc., transcending countries, regions, and genres.

Why don't you showcase your works at "UNKNOWN ASIA 2024," which will be further enhanced and moved to the new venue, "Umeda South Hall"?
We are looking forward to seeing you at UNKNOWN ASIA!


[Application Form for Exhibit at "UNKNOWN ASIA 2024"]
Application Period: Mon. July 8, noon - Sun. August 18, 23:59(JST)
 Click here to register! ▼

*Please note
- Even if you have pre-registered, you must apply separately using the above form for the exhibition entry.
- No payment will be made at the time of registration.
After the application has been submitted, it will undergo a screening period.
The exhibitor will be fixed after the screening is completed and payment of the exhibition fee has been confirmed.

"UNKNOWN ASIA 2024" is...

- The event will be held at "Umeda South Hall" (Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South 11F), which is easily accessible from the central station in the Umeda area and has an excellent view.
The exhibition can directly appeal to a large number of visitors!
(Number of visitors in 2023: 13,111 in total for 3 days)

- More than 200 reviewers will be invited from a wide range of fields, such as art, publishing, fashion, and advertising agencies, as well as active judges in Japan and abroad.

- Many sponsors will give awards and provide commissioned work.
Opportunities for art projects, gallery exhibitions, and production commissions will be provided for exhibiting artists.

- Please catch the chance to be selected to exhibit at "UNKNOWN ASIA EXTRA 2024," which will be held at the Shibuya Sakura Stage complex in front of Shibuya Station, Tokyo!

- The vernissage will be held on the first day of the event, Fri. December 6, 2024.

- We will provide extensive support for exhibiting artists, including consultation and Q&A sessions.

- No commission is required for the sale of artworks at the art fair.