UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka2019


グラフィックデザイン/Art and Design

Cempaka Surakusumah

  • Cempaka Surakusumah
  • Cempaka Surakusumah
  • Cempaka Surakusumah
I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 1987. My background is a graphic design, but now I'm focusing my work in experimental textile wearable art under my brand Person A Person along with my partner. I'm also currently active in a band called Efek Rumah Kaca as a backing vocal. I took art as my therapy to my anxiety problem; my work features various colors and geometric shapes that usually makes me calm through its composition.
Career / Prize
I Received my bachelor of arts from the University of Pelita Harapan in 2009. I have participated in several group exhibitions ranging from print art and installation art, and some of them are Exi(s)t #4 “The food files” (Jakarta 2015), Martell art exhibition “living with art” (Jakarta, 2016), Discourse (Jakarta 2017), and International poster exhibition +A9 (Seoul, Korea 2017).