UNKNOWNASIA Art Exchange Osaka 2017



Tania Hsu (Hsu Tan Yu (徐丹語)

  • Tania Hsu
  • Tania Hsu
  • Tania Hsu
I was born in 1993, Taipei, Taiwan.
During my studies at Chang Jung Christian University, with a major in Chinese ink painting and calligraphy, most of the topics of my artworks are portraits and architecture. Cuisine has also become a subject that I’ve been painting recently. These are the three most important elements that represent my works. I start looking for ideas in people and things that
Career / Prize
1993 Born in Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Graduated from Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan, Taiwan

2014《 Met · Da Dao Cheng》Tan Yu & Tan Han art Exhibition, Taiwan
2015《 Our Post office 》Tan Yu & Tan Han art tour Exhibition, Taiwan
2015《The happiness of Da Dao Cheng》Tan Yu & Tan Han art Exhibition , Taiwan
2015《The Faces of the mountain and sea》art Exhibition, Taiwan
2015《 Women · Mirror 》Tania Hsu’
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