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河野ルル (Kouno Lulu

  • 河野ルル
  • 河野ルル
  • 河野ルル

Born in 1987, from Aichi prefecture. I started to paint about since 2014.And I was traveling for 1 year in 2015.The end of the traveling, I was almost run out of my money in Mexico ,so I started to ask hostel like" Can I get free accommodation if I paint some mural for your hostel for free?" (And it worked many time! )
Then I seriously started loving painting,decided to go back to Japan and start my career as a painter.
I paint spontaneously with transparent watercolor and acrylics without any sketch. About murals,I paint at day service facilities of handicapped children,cake,hospital and etc. I also make children's books. I think that would be really great if my painting make people happy and that is one of the reason why I paint. I want to paint murals in orphanages , facilities of handicapped children , schools , hospitals in developing countries.
Career / Prize

2010年 東海学園大学人文学部卒業

5月 「Lulu Exhibition vol.1」 garelly bar TORIDE にて開催
9月 「つくし荘 選抜画家合同展示」に選出され、A-1ギャラリーにて展示
10月 cafe&bar aperio にて個展開催    
10月 長者町えびす祭にてライブペイント
11月 「Lulu Exhibition vol.2」 garelly bar TORIDE にて開催
12月 「手作り工房K&M」にて個展開催
4月 「Lulu Exhibition ‐動物と花‐」サンシエロにて開催
5月  「Lulu Exhibition ‐動物と花‐」cafe&garelly 299にて開催
5月  「河野ルルとミズノマサミ展」覚王山アパートにて開催

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