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Sito Fossy Biosa (Osa

  • Sito Fossy Biosa
  • Sito Fossy Biosa
  • Sito Fossy Biosa
SITO FOSSY BIOSA was born in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia, exactly July 31, 1991. He is a young director that graduated from Art Institute of Indonesia Surakarta, majoring Television and Film. Now he's school Master in Art Institute of Indonesia Yogyakarta, majoring Creating of Videography. His works especially photo and films have been exhibition in domestic and foreign area.
Career / Prize
LOSTE films directed by (Sito Fossy Biosa, July 31 1991), Money Box for Father, Hugging the Wind, NETIZEN, GAJAH CITY, ILUSI, Wayang Laut, and PINK PASTEL were successfully screened in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Barcelona and qualified at the Indie Wise Film Festival South Florida; Miami Epic Trailer Festival, Miami, USA.
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