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花蓮県牛の鋤コミュニティ交流協会 (Hualien Nou-Li Community Interchange Association

  • 花蓮県牛の鋤コミュニティ交流協会
  • 花蓮県牛の鋤コミュニティ交流協会
  • 花蓮県牛の鋤コミュニティ交流協会
In Hualien, Taiwan, more than thousands of the elders put rags together to create their own images and stories. These fabric collages contain the history and culture of the eastern Taiwan from the Japanese colonial period to contemporary local stories, which formulate the collective memory of this region. Founded in 1996, Nou-Li is a non-profit organization located at the Feng Tian Community in Hualien, which was also the previous Japanese Emigrant Village.
Career / Prize
These works of art are presented by Nou-Li, Hualien Nou-Li Community Interchange Association. Since 2015, Nou-Li has led the elders in Hualien to make the fabric collages with the rags of wasted garments. The themes of the fabric collages vary from war, poverty, political persecution to child bride, child trafficking, breaking up with family, and finally reaching the peaceful lives.
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