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Piyaluk Benjadol is a noticeable professor and beloved artist who confront her sickness by creating arts to heal herself physically and mentally from the end of 2018 to present. Her working format depends on her physical condition during each stage of the sickness. Each artwork is elaborately created by composing her collected possessions including antiques, old toys, appliances, and more importantly, her hair. In addition, she has combined her crochet skills inspired by her mother’s knitting technic from a young age.
Career / Prize
1998 - Present: Co-founded the Nuts Society
2006: Editor of the textbook “Packaging and Graphic Design on Packaging”
2009: Originated the “new textbook of กขค: handwriting book”
2013: Invited speaker under the topic “Visual Rhetoric of The Construction of Beauty in Thai Alphabet Primer, Yaw Ying” in the academic conference of “Conference on Consilience and Innovation in Design” in Tokyo, Japan.
2014: created “Melanie and Me” which was exhibited in “Quality Secondhand Art 2013: Re-creation” arranged by Nuts Society and VER Gallery at Wanna Kudta Gallery Bangkok
2015: Invited speaker under the topic “How Learning Yor(ญ) Alphabet Constitutes Thai Femininity Discourses?” In Granshan 2015: Global Identity in Practice at University of Reading, United Kingdom.
2019: Apply some selected creative artworks from her personal project “Pin Cushion Series and Matter of Existence: ME Series” for Ubisum online exhibition arranged by Ubies, Japan.
2021: solo exhibition “Fragility” at PS±D Space.
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