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Walo (b.1994) is a Hong Kong and London based artist and curator. She studied her Masters degree in University of Arts London and Bachelor degree in Kingston University London, she has also been working with companies from across the globe in the past seven years. Communication plays an important role in the world at all matters, allowing Walo to create her works based on issues involving resonance or interaction. Her creative practice mobilises and is inspired by children’s drawings. Through her childhood experiences in children’s literature, she portrays the drawings to contain a lot of colours yet yielding a reality touch. Walo likes to create stories based on her experiences with friends and family, and the tales that circulate within the family environments. She likes to collect stories from time to time and record their experiences in her works.
Career / Prize
Walo (b.1994)

BA Illustration and Animation - Kingston University London
MA Curating and Collections - University of Arts London, Chelsea college of art