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  • 朱玲m
  • 朱玲m
  • 朱玲m
Zhu Ling is currently working full-time to create sculptures. She is accustomed to conveying her emotional feelings about daily life through handmade sculptures and "warm" painting forms in her characters, constantly conveying delicate emotions. Ultimately, through the transformation of emotions into physical works, a sense of empathy is achieved for the audience, achieving delicate emotional communication and resonance.
Career / Prize
2015 Taipei toy festival; Taipei Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Park
2016 Wonder Festival; Tokyo International Exhibition Center
2017 Shanghai comic con; Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall
2018 Solo exhibition "Miss Serious and Barnslig"; Shanghai Chujian Gallery
2018 Thailand Toy Festival; Central world, Bangkok
2019 Play No Limited Exhibition; Shanghai World Trade Plaza
2019 Singularity Plan Festival, Guangzhou Pati Cultural and Creative Art Zone
2020 Nike on air studio 'Creating New Flowers' Workshop
2021 Art021, Wrong Gallery Taipei, Shanghai Exhibition Center
2023 Solo exhibition "Looking at Me from afar"; Chengdu, Limit Gallery
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