We Open the Doors of Asia Again

The UNKNOWN ASIA Executive Committee is pleased to announce that "Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2023" (UNKNOWN ASIA) will be held from September 15(Fri) - 17(Sun), 2023 [preview on September 15(Fri)] at the Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center, Grand Front Osaka.

UNKNOWN ASIA 2023 is a vibrant and diverse art fair that brings together artists from Japan and various Asian countries to showcase their works in Osaka. Since its inception in 2015, UNKNOWN ASIA has provided numerous opportunities for artists to connect with galleries, collectors, and fans, helping to support their sustainable artistic endeavors.

What makes UNKNOWN ASIA so unique is its ability to foster an ecosystem of art that embodies the essence of Asia's diverse creative expressions. The art fair serves as a platform for artists, galleries, sponsors, judges, reviewers, collectors, and art enthusiasts to come together and engage with one another. The fair's ability to attract a wide range of people from various backgrounds and nationalities sets it apart from other art fairs.

As we look forward to the 9th edition of UNKNOWN ASIA in 2023, we eagerly anticipate reconnecting with the Asian art community again. From art to illustration, design, and photography, UNKNOWN ASIA brings together the cutting-edge artistry of Asia's most talented artists.

The fair's commitment to promoting the sustainable artistic endeavors of its participants has paid dividends. Many artists have used this platform to catapult themselves onto the global art scene, participating in exhibitions and art fairs worldwide.

UNKNOWN ASIA 2023 promises to be an exciting event showcasing the best Asian artistry. Whether you're an artist, gallery owner, sponsor, judge, reviewer, collector, or art enthusiast, this is an art fair you won't miss. So join us in Osaka from September 15(Fri) - 17(Sun) in 2023 for an unforgettable experience that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Asian art.

Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWN ASIA 2023

The first exhibitor announcement will be made on the official website on Tuesday, August 1.
General tickets: Scheduled to go on sale in August
We will post information related to UNKNOWN ASIA on our SNS official accounts.
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For more information on the exhibition outline and entry procedures, please visit the Exhibition Entry Outline page.