UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka2020

OUTLINE at 2020


・December 11 (Friday) 10:00pm – 20:00pm VIP Preview(by invitation only)
・December 12 (Saturday) 10:00am – 20:00pm
・December 13 (Sunday) 10:00am – 20:00pm



  • The winner of 2020 is decided!
    • Kiyo Bank presents UNKNOWNASIA 2020 ONLINE, winners of each prize are decided on Saturday, December 12! A list of winners is here
    • AWARD

  • Exhibitor list for FY 2020
    • I was able to participate in 135 pairs of artists selected from among a number of entries in fiscal 2020. Thank you for your participation.

  • This year's All artists reviews have been uploaded.
    • So, we will do it again this year. Taniguchi visited all 135 booths during the exhibition period and video chatted with them as much as possible to give a straightforward review of their impressions.
    • REVIEW
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