UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka2020


その他/Art Creator


Date of Birth: 17 October 1991
Hometown: Bangkok
Education: Saowapha College: Vocational Certificate in Design
Central Group and BBDO Agency

“I know imagination before art” a catch phrase from Akin Kanjanapokin as known as “Teeprang” an artist with multi-talents whether it be creative & art director for magazines and agencys, art teacher and consultant in design for many organizations. Teeprang work’s always stand out and different with unique quality in every pieces, many people’s recognize his work from the painting for “In remembrance of King Rama IX”, advertisement for Honda Monkey - Super Cup, the posters design for “Made by legacy MBL” , and as a illustrator for big name magazine like Looker, Cheeze, 2Magazine, Marie Claire and many more creativity artworks.
Career / Prize
1.A Collection of Speedy Grandma-A group show of 24 artists, showing a mix between painting, photography and objects.
2.TheEmDistrictPeople #HAPPYNOISE-Collaboration work TEEPRANG x Fukkinghero exhibit at Emporium
3.HAVE A MEAL WITH THE FAMOUS-Collaboration work TEEPRANG x Lolay exhibit at Kram Cafe & Kitchen
4.Father of our Nation-A Royal Exhibition’s gathering His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s portraits from 32 artists for Chaipattana foundation at Gaysorn Concierge
5.9 Curated-9 Thai and Japanese artists painting in Remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej at Buffalo Bridge Gallery
6.FRESHXIBITION Moose meet Looker-Grand opening of Moose at Naipaart Complex
7.Leica Café-Collaboration work Leica x TEEPRANG for Cafe Grand Opening
8.Solo Exhibition by Akin Teeprang Kanjanapokin-Galleries’ Night Bangkok 2020
Art Director
Made by Legacy Flea Market and Indigoskin
1.Motion Ads for Honda Monkey
2.Logo for Q&A Bar, Boonta Studio Bangkok