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ナム13 (NAMU13

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I was born in 1995 in Daegu, Korea.
Based on subculture of Japan and Korea, I combine the cultural genre of retro with the design and draw it in illustration.
It's not just an animated illustration, but it's a fundamental approach to what I like, and it's being consumed as a commercial design poster, so I'm working very hard on the layout of the picture.
Recently, I took charge of key visual artwork at department stores, posters for liquor companies, and album cover artwork of various musicians.
I'm still working on several projects at the same time.
I want to be an illustrator who can be remembered for a long time.
Career / Prize
2018. 164th Getsome Exhibition "U some"
2018. Zip Kki Lieu
2019. 9AND BUNKER Individual exhibition "PLACEBO"
2019. 도시기술장
2019. 연희걷다
2019. 그림도시 S#4 도시국가정부
2019. BEAMS JAPAN "menmeiz"
2019. Individual exhibition Around Ulsan "Everyday Escape"
2020. L'illustre Galerie LE MONDE "NEW GRAVITY_air"
2020. Beams japan POP-UP store "SHINJUKU COSMO"

2018. D-Hack 1st Ablum, Show case Poster
2018. 2 Day Old Sneakers Album Cover design 1, 2
2018-20. Night Tempo Album Cover
-Nighty tape 86'
-Showa idols groove vol.01, 02, 03
-Wink the Showa Groove
-Anri the Showa Groove
-Babe the Showa Groove
-Saito Yuki the Showa Groove
-Kudo Shizuka the Showa Groove
2018-9. Sony Music Ent Korea
-Seoul Soul Ground Logo Design
-CIKI single (사이, BOKE, Syndrome)
2019. Irrelevant Music, Dosii Showcase Poster
2019. Ye-geun, Virtual World Album Cover
2019. GMK keyboard, Packaging and Key pad design
2019. CD projekt Red Korea, Cyberpunk2077 Colla