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Bram Yoshugi

  • Bram Yoshugi
  • Bram Yoshugi
  • Bram Yoshugi
I'm Bram Yoshugi, born in Indonesia in 1994. In between my job as a graphic designer, I love to create artworks from my collection of common and novel things; objects, toys, figurines, graphic items, memorabilia, and more.
Career / Prize
I studied in Bandung Institute of Technology, majoring in Visual Communication Design. I’m a newcomer in the art scene; nonetheless, I have experienced creating artworks for various exhibitions and events with Thinking*Room, the place I'm currently working in. The most notable ones are:
- Entrance art for Art Jakarta 2018, the biggest annual art fair in Indonesia.
- Branding & art installation for IdeaFest 2019, annual creative festival in Indonesia.
- Art & sound installation for Java Jazz 2020, one of the largest jazz festivals in the world.